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Darbaar Events isn't your regular wedding planner, we don't do set pieces, each wedding is hand crafted keeping you in mind.
Your wedding is probably one of the most important and exciting days in your life, you need to be rested and relaxed to ensure you enjoy every moment. So let us take the stress off your shoulders and we'll deliver your picture perfect wedding.
We don’t just design and style your wedding, we also help you plan and coordinate your wedding. We will handle everything from the invites through to the point that your last guest has taken off. We offer personalised service, whether it be taking care of details you did not anticipate, dealing with unexpected pitfalls or just bringing all of your ideas together. So if you're looking for the best wedding planner in the business, you've stopped by at the right place. We will help you with coordination, planning and styling.
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Making Dreams Come True

Arun Singh Panwar comes from an elite Marketing & Event management background, he has used this indispensable experience to help run and manage   events for all occasions, is a highly accomplished visionary leader with over 5 years of experience in operations, including special events management, business development, promotions, advertising and marketing. No matter the size, to an   illustrious standard.

Arun Singh Panwar

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

Punit Singh Panwar has been working within the Professional photography and events management from the tender age of 20, moving from working in the front house to gaining an immense interest into outdoor photography as wild & nature shots from his time working at forest, festival, trade fair, exhibitions and now Planning out a perfect fairy tale wedding always intrigued Punit Singh Panwar till he finally made his mind to take it as a profession, Hence the result was Darbaar Events Pvt. Ltd.


Together Arun and Punit have become an established professional brand name in the Rajasthan Wedding & Events industry giving attention across all events & basic strategy 

with core focus on clients satisfaction.

Punit Singh Panwar

Co-Founder & Creative Director

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A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

After a professional career in corporate business, Nisha has consolidated her experience and knowledge into the exciting world of event creation. Being involved in hundreds of events, Nisha is equipped to ensure that no detail is overlooked. She keeps her finger on the pulse of every event from beginning to end. Her primary focus is on the smooth running of events by overseeing office operations, team resources and marketing relations. Her talents are grounded in organization, communication and comprehensive effort.

Nisha Singh


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