About Menus and Catering Services

Nowadays, people's preferences are changing and quite a number of them opt for catering services. However, one should make this decision wisely. In case of catering services, the first thing to do is to decide your menu. The menu is decided keeping in mind your budget. Remember the idea is to choose a good caterer, who provides you with food of your choice within your budget. After you choose the caterer, all the arrangements are done by Darbaar Events.

Whether your function is a continental breakfast for twelve people, a gala dinner for one thousand or anything in between, the Catering team will provide the caliber of food and distinction of service appropriate to Darbaar. Indian functions are known for their delicious food. Any function is considered incomplete without delicious food. Though the menu is decided according to their wish, the preparation of the food is prepared in the best possible manner, in order to please them. The appetizers are usually both vegetarian and non vegetarian to cater to all guest. In some regional weddings & functions, drinks are also served.